With great 5G speed, comes great opportunity. Join the Elisa 5G Co-Creation Challenge now for a chance to win a 25,000 Euro pilot with Elisa and co-create awesome new services.

About the Challenge

The Elisa 5G Co-Creation Challenge is a competition where we challenge startups, researchers and corporations to build new services requiring 5G. 

The focus can be either consumers or B2B customers, but the service must utilise one of the following core attributes of 5G:

1. Massive Internet of Things. 

2. Ultra fast mobile broadband

3. Critical and very low latency communication.

The more dependant a service on one or more of these core attributes, the more relevant we will find as elgible for this competition.

However, we want to approach the service design in a most consumer centric way possible. Which is why the kick off to the competition, on August 13th, will include a 5G Futures Workshop. Here mapping the future according to the customer and finding possible problem-solution fit.

Following the semi finals, teams will be awarded 4,000 Euros each to carry out further experimentation before pitching in the final during Slush.


The Prize

The winning team will be announced during Slush between 20.- 22. November 2019. A prize of a EUR 25,000 pilot project will be awarded and a chance to demo at MWC 2020. The three finalist teams will also get to demo their prototypes at Slush.

Tuote on poistunut valikoimasta

Verkkokaupan etusivulle

Ole hyvä ja odota hetki

MAY 24
The challenge is announced and submission of entries starts.

JUNE 23 @ 23:59
The submission of entries ends.

The chosen participating teams are informed.

Co-Creation begins with Co-Creation workshop day.

Semi-final pitching. Three finalists are announced.

Three finalists will pitch during Slush 2019, and the winner announced. Pilot project begins shortly after.

How to apply

The competition is open to individuals, groups of individuals, educational institutions, organizations and companies to participate. 


To enter please submit the following information to startups@elisa.fi

     1. Team name

     2. Team member full names and contact information (email and mobile number).

     3. Organisation information (ie company name and number)

     4. Either 1 page executive summary including teams background, capabilities and idea(s) for new service(s) on 5G.

          OR a short video including the same information.

     5. Please, in the body of the email, state that you accept the rules of the competition

rules of the competition


Please note the deadline for applications is 23rd June 2019, 23:59 EEST.


Last Years AI Co-Creation Challenge

During 2018 Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge Elisa created 7 prototypes with Startups.  The winning team lifemote:

Lifemote predicts problems in home WiFi service before the customer even knows there i. The solution not only predicts potential issues but can also identify customers that will be affected by the problem. This way the service provider has a chance to ensure the correct resources and response to a customers problem or even to solve a problem before it becomes visible to the customer.

See video below: