Lahden Talot offers Elisa's fast broadband connections to its residents


Lahden Talot offers Elisa's fast broadband connections to its residents

Lahden Talot offers Elisa's fast broadband connections to its residents

Elisa delivers optic fiber connections to Lahden Talot. The residents have access to Elisa's fast Saunalahti Kotikuitu broadband and Elisa Kaapeli-TV cable TV service.

The basic service included in the rent is a 25 Mbit/s broadband connection and Elisa's first-rate cable TV with basic channels. In addition, residents can order faster speeds and pay TV channels at an extra charge.

The fast connections that make it possible to enjoy high-definition TV also provide residents of Lahden Talot with new services, such as the highly popular Elisa Viihde Premium entertainment service.

Price list 31.5.2021 Price Note
Saunalahti Kotikuitu 25/10M 0 € Basic rate, included in the rent
Saunalahti Kotikuitu 50/10M 4,90 €/month Only for Ethernet or cable modem
Saunalahti Kotikuitu 100/10M  9,90 €/month  
Saunalahti Kotikuitu 250/50M 19,90 €/month Available on Ethernet with 1G router
Saunalahti Kotikuitu 1000/100M 29,90 €/month Available on Ethernet with 1G router
Elisa Viihde App 9,90 €/month  
Saunalahti Tuplakaista 50M 10,00 €/month Mobile + fixed, special price not available with basic rate

Saunalahti Kotikuitu 25M

In buildings with an Elisa broadband, the connection is available with the Saunalahti Kotikuitu subscription. Its basic rate is 25/10M and it includes five public IP addresses.

The broadband operates via a modem or through a direct connection to the telephone socket, depending on whether the specific building uses fiber (Ethernet/VDSL2) or cable technology.  More detailed information about the connections required is presented below.

The use of Saunalahti Kotikuitu subscription requires that residents register (order) the subscription before connecting.

You will get individual help and instructions at the following Elisa shops in Lahti:

  • Elisa shop / Trio Shopping Centre. Aleksanterinkatu 18
  • Elisa shop / Prisma Laune. Ajokatu 83.

You can also contact our Customer Service.


Ordering a broadband subscription

The use of Elisa's broadband subscriptions requires that residents place a subscription order. This ensures that we have all the information needed to deliver your subscription.

We offer technical support only for registered subscriptions.

Once you have placed your order, you can start using the internet connection and you can also order extra speeds or additional services subject to an extra charge, such as email service and security package.

You can place your order at an Elisa shop in Lahti or by calling our toll free number 0800 98 323 (Mon–Fri at 8 am – 8 pm, Sat at 10:00 am – 4:30 pm).

Internet Activation / Ethernet

Internet Activation / VDSL

Internet Activation / Cable modem

Customer Service Instructions

Q & A

What do I do if my TV does not work?

Check that all cables and connections are in order. Restore factory settings in your digital receiver and perform a channel search.

What if my TV still does not work? Who should I contact?

If the troubleshooting instructions do not solve your problem, contact our customer service or shop in Lahti (see above).

How will the channel selection change? What channels are available?

You can watch channels offered on Elisa's cable TV network.

Can I get additional channels from Elisa?

Elisa offers a large range of extra channels. For these, you either need a cable card or the Elisa Viihde Premium service where you can order additional channels.

Which additional services are available from Elisa?

The Elisa Saunalahti broadband includes five public email addresses You can also order a separate Elisa Email Service or Security Service subject to an extra charge for your broadband.

My Internet does not work. What do I do?

Restart all terminal devices and check that all cables and connections are in order. Use the instructions presented on our customer support pages to identify the fault. If required, you can contact our customer service or shop in Lahti (see above).

I want a faster Internet connection. What do I do?

You can order extra speed from, by calling our toll free sales number 0800 98 323 or by visiting our shop in Lahti (see above).

Will my email addresses change?

By registering for Saunalahti Kotikuitu broadband, you can order an Email Service provided by Elisa.

How can I access my old emails?

If you are using an email service offered by another operator, please contact the specific operator's customer service.

How can I get a new email address?

First, you need to register for the broadband service. After registration, you can order an Email Service provided by Elisa.

If I acquire my broadband modem from another provider, what technical requirements should I take into account?

You need a broadband modem that complies with the VDSL2 standard. Detailed technical specifications: ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 profiles 17a and 30a, VDSL band plan 998, SRA (seamless rate adaption), INP (up to a value of two (2)), PhyRPHY level retransmission technology, PTM mode, UPBO (upstream power back-off).