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When your phone requests a PUK code

If the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times, the phone requests a PUK code. As the owner of the subscription, you can easily find your PUK code in OmaElisa.




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PUK code free of charge via OmaElisa

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Elisa and Elisa Saunalahti subscription PUK codes

  1. Log into OmaElisa. If you don’t have Elisa ID or password yet, or if you have forgotten them, you can get them on the OmaElisa log in page.
  2. Select on the left the subscription for which the PUK code is missing. Please note that the PUK code will only be visible to the owner of the subscription. If you are a subscription user, you will need to request the PUK code from the subscription owner.

The PUK codes for the Elisa subscriptions for companies can be found in Corporate OmaElisa. If you are using an employee subscription, we ask you to be in touch with your company's contact person.

You can also get a PUK code from our customer service or from Elisa's shops, where we will charge the applicable service fee for a PUK code request. 

PUK code for a Prepaid subscription

The PUK code for a Prepaid subscriptions can only be found on the frame of the SIM card which comes with the Prepaid starter kit.

It is not possible to get the PUK code for a Prepaid subscription via OmaElisa or Elisa’s customer service. If your phone requests a PUK code and you no longer have access to the card frame, the Prepaid subscription can no longer be used.

Remember to retain the card frame in your starter kit!

Exceptional situations

The subscription or the PUK code cannot be found in OmaElisa

If your subscription or PUK code cannot be found in OmaElisa it is likely that the subscription has been made in another person’s name. A PUK code can only be given to the owner of the subscription. In case you are the user, ask the owner to log in to OmaElisa and check the PUK code on your behalf.

If this is not the case, please contact our customer service.

It is not possible to get the PUK code for a Prepaid subscription via OmaElisa or Elisa’s customer service.

Your phone says: "SIM card rejected"

The SIM card will be locked completely if the PUK code is entered incorrectly 10 times. The phone then says "SIM card rejected". After this, you can only access the subscription with a new SIM card. You can order a new SIM card in OmaElisa or get one from the nearest Elisa shop. The applicable service fee for a SIM card exchange will be charged.

Your Elisa Saunalahti subscription has a Multisim-service

The PUK code for a Multisim card can be found in the old OmaSaunalahti section in OmaElisa, under GSM-Liittymät ja Mobiililaajakaista > Numero > Ilmaiset Palvelut > Liittymän PUK-koodi (FI). The subscription's main card PUK code is shown here. The PUK code for the parallel card is shown at Multisim 1 – PUK -code. If multiple parallel cards are in use, the PUK codes for each card are shown on respective rows. 


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