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Transferring a subscription to another contracting party

On this page you will find instructions for how to change ownership of different subscriptions. You can order a change of contracting party for a telephone, mobile broadband or fixed broadband subscription for free through OmaElisa! For other Elisa and Elisa Saunalahti services and subscriptions you will find instructions further below.


Change the contracting party free of charge through OmaElisa

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I would like to transfer my subscription (telephone, mobile broadband, fixed broadband) to another contracting party. What should I do?

  1. Transfer the subscription to the new owner free of charge by logging in to OmaElisa and choosing Your products.
  2. Choose the subscription on the list that you want to transfer to a new owner and then click Contract details. You may order a change of contracting party for one subscription at a time.
  3. Under the subscription plan, click on the link Change contracting party.
  4. In the fields that open up, enter the new contracting party’s contact information and click Next.
  5. If you are transferring a subscription to a company, you can add company information by clicking Add company information.
  6. If your subscription plan includes additional services, you may choose whether you want to keep them as paid services or cancel them entirely.
  7. Carefully check the new contracting party’s information and finish the order by pressing Confirm.

After placing the order, the new contracting party will receive information about confirming the order through a separate link by text message and e-mail. The order may also be confirmed through the new contracting party’s OmaElisa.

Changing the contracting party through OmaElisa does not require power of attorney. 

I’m having a subscription transferred to my name. What should I do?

After the current contracting party has placed an order

The new contracting party receives a text message link to a separate confirmation page (you can also find the link in the notification you received by e-mail or letter). The time limit for approval is one month. You can approve the change of contracting party through the link or through OmaElisa.

Approving the change of contracting party through a text message link:

  1. Click on the link in the text message/e-mail.
  2. Approve the change of contracting party by identifying yourself using online bank codes or a mobile certificate.

Alternative approval of change of contracting party through OmaElisa:

  1. Log in to OmaElisa using an Elisa ID, a mobile certificate or online bank codes.
  2. Choose Orders.
  3. Approve the order by clicking the CONFIRM button. Accept the terms and conditions and click Confirm. If you have several customer IDs, you will see a selection screen where you can choose the customer ID the subscription will be transferred to.

The change will become effective the day after the recipient has confirmed the order. With the change of contracting party, Elisa will check the new contracting party’s information (address, credit and payment history), so the change may take longer. A delay may be due to a discrepancy in the address information, for example. If there is an obstacle to transferring the subscription, the subscription’s new contracting party shall be informed in writing.

The new contracting party automatically becomes the user of a talk or mobile broadband subscription. You can change user information easily through OmaElisa after the change of contracting party has become effective.


Changing the contracting party of other products

If you want to change the contracting party of a subscription other than mobile phone, mobile broadband, fixed broadband or Cable TV, the plan is transferred to another person using the form below. You can also use the form to order a change of contracting party when one or both parties is a company.

Fill in the form and send it to Elisa as instructed on the form. Note that power of attorney requires the approval of both the submitting and the receiving party. In this event, a power of attorney signed by a person with signatory rights for the company must be attached to the form.

Form for a change of ownership

Things you should know about changing the contracting party

Changing the contracting party is not possible if

  • a change of subscription type is in progress or the subscription’s phone number is being transferred to another operator
  • an order for changing the subscription’s contracting party has already been placed
  • the subscription has overdue invoices
  • the subscription has been temporarily disconnected
  • the new contracting party is not of legal age
  • you are the contracting party of one of the following products or services: Saunalahti Latausliittymä, Elisa Viihde, Elisa Kirja, Elisa Turvapaketti, Elisa Sähköpostipalvelu, Elisa Pilvilinna or you are paying off a device (phone, tablet, computer etc.) in monthly batches.

If the new contracting party is already an Elisa customer, the subscription shall be transferred to the same invoice as the newest subscription. Additional services associated with the subscription will be transferred to the new contracting party with the exception of discontinued products (that are no longer sold).

Before the change of ownership becomes effective, the current contracting party has a right to make changes to the subscription. The current contracting party is also responsible for invoices and using the subscription until the change has been successfully completed.

Exceptional situations – when changing the contracting party cannot be done in OmaElisa

There are situations where the change of ownership cannot be made using OmaElisa. These include the following:

  • change of contracting party for corporate customers (must be signed by a person with signatory rights for the company)
  • the current contracting party is deceased
  • the current or new contracting party does not have online bank codes to create an Elisa ID
  • the transferred product is something other than a telephone, mobile broadband, fixed broadband or Cable TV subscription

If you are unable to initiate/confirm a change of contracting party in OmaElisa, you may order a change of contracting party using a form.  You can find the form under title: "Changing the contracting party of other products".

For a change of contracting party using a form, we will charge a fee based as referred to in our customer service price list.

Transferring an Elisa corporate subscription to an individual user

If your Elisa subscription is under a company’s name and you have received a text message saying that you may transfer its number to yourself, order a new Elisa Saunalahti subscription for your current number from our online store. You may also call our toll-free sales number 0800 94200 or visit an Elisa shop. Filling in the “Changing the contracting party” form will not be necessary.

For more information, see instructions for Elisa corporate customers (in Finnish).


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