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OmaElisa app

OmaElisa is an app for owners of Elisa subscriptions and services. With the OmaElisa app, you can follow your invoices, subscription usage and manage your Elisa services.

Download or update the OmaElisa app on your phone from the app store:
Android | iOS | Huawei AppGallery 



You need an Elisa ID (email address) to log in. If you do not have an Elisa ID yet, you can create one here. To start using an Elisa lD you just need your online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Note! OmaElisa app is for consumer customers only.

Check out the things you can do in OmaElisa app

With OmaElisa app you can, for example

  • Browse the invoice balance and call itemizations of your subscriptions
  • View the invoicing situation of your subscriptions and Elisa products and services (open and paid invoices)
  • Pay invoices and apply for extended payment time, if needed
  • Change the block services for your subscriptions (text message and mobile pay blocks, call blocks, abroad usage blocks)
  • Check the PUK code for your subscription
  • Close your subscription temporarily
  • Check information on disruptions in Elisa's services (FI)
  • View and change the PIN code or change password for Elisa Viihde services ( and the Elisa Viihde app)
  • Measure the speed of your broadband connection
  • Check your personal offers in OmaElisa

NB! In the OmaElisa app you can only see information about the subscriptions and services of which you are a named owner.

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