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Elisa Viihde channels

Here we have gathered information on Elisa Viihde channel slots and you can also find instructions on what to do if there are problems with channel visibility. If you are looking for Elisa cable TV channel slots, you can find them in the instructions for Elisa Kaapeli-TV channel slots (in Finnish only).

Checking the channel slots

Elisa Viihde channel slots

Some channels can be visible on the set-top box channel list twice, due to different technology. If the channel you are watching is not visible, try another option for the same channel on the set-top box channel list.

Basic channels visible via antenna or cable

Channel name Channel number
Yle TV1 1
Yle TV2 2
MTV3 3
Nelonen 4
Yle Teema & Fem 5
Sub 6
TV5 7
Liv 8
Kutonen 10
TLC 11
FOX 12
AVA 13
Hero 14
Alfa TV 15
Frii 16
National Geographic Channel 20

Extra channels

Channel name Channel number
Elisa Viihde esittelykanava 499
Bonuskanava 500
Yle TV1 HD 501
Yle TV2 HD 502
MTV3 HD 503
Nelonen HD 504
Yle Teema & Fem HD 505
Sub HD 506
TV5 HD 507
Liv HD 508
Jim HD 509
Kutonen HD 510
TLC HD 511
FOX HD 512
AVA HD 513
Hero HD 514
AlfaTV 515
Frii HD 516
National Geographic Channel (HD) 520
Elisa Viihde Sport 1 521
History 528
MTV HD 530
TV7 533
CNN 535
BBC World News 537
France 24 540
Al Jazeera English 541
Russia Today
Channel distribution ended on February 25, 2022
NHK World 544
DW (Deutsche Welle) 545

Pay-TV channels

Channel name Channel number
Netflix 498
Eurosport 1 (HD-quality) 525
DW Deutsch (in German) 546
Disney Channel 560
Disney XD 561
Disney Junior 562
Cartoon Networks 564
Boomerang 565
Nick Jr 566
English Club TV 569
National Geographic Wild HD 580
Motorvision 592
Extreme Sports Channel 593
Nautical Channel 595
TotoTV 597
Horse TV HD 598
SVT1 600
SVT2 601
TV3 Sverige 602
TV4 603
TV6 604
Barnkanalen 605
Kunskapskanalen 606
NRK 1 HD 607
DR1 HD 608
Kanal 10 609
Channel One Russia 610
NTV Mir 611
Dom Kino 612
Telecafe 613
Carousel International 614
Muzika Pervogo 615
Vremya 616
CBS Reality 625
Eurochannel HD 630
MTV MUSIC 24 634
VH1 636
VH1 Classic 637
Mezzo HD 638
Bloomberg TV 639
CNBC Nordic 640
Euronews 641
Sky News 642
Canal 24 Horas 643
TVE 644
RAI1 / Rai Uno 645
RTL 650
3sat 652
Arte 653
France 2 654
TV5 Monde 655
ETV 657
C More Max 660
C More Juniori HD 663
C More First HD 681
C More Hits HD 682
C More Stars 684
C More Series HD 685
SF Kanalen 687
C More Sport 1 700
C More Sport 2 701
Viasat Film Premiere HD 711
Viasat Film Action HD 713
Viasat Film Family HD 715
Viasat Film Hits HD 716
Viasat Nature HD 728
Viasat History HD 730
Viasat Explore HD 731
Viasat Sport HD 733
Viasat Urheilu HD 734
Viasat Hockey HD 735
Viasat Golf HD 736
Viasat Sport Premium HD 742
Viasat Jääkiekko HD 745
Viasat Fotboll HD 746
Viasat Jalkapallo HD 747
GINX Esports TV 761
Stingray iConcerts 765
Mezzo Live HD 766
Stingray Classica 767
Outdoor Channel HD 770
BBC Brit 780
BBC Earth 781
Fuel TV 788
Elisa Aikuisviihdevuokraamo 790
Private TV 792
Blue Hustler TV 793
Hustler TV HD 794
DUSK 798
Viasat Xtra 1 821
Viasat Xtra 2 822
Viasat Xtra 3 823
Viasat Xtra 4 824
Viasat Xtra 5 825
Elisa Viihde Sport 1 841
Elisa Viihde Sport 2 842
Elisa Viihde Sport 3 843
Elisa Viihde Sport 4 844
Elisa Viihde Sport 5 845
Elisa Viihde Sport 6 846
Elisa Viihde Sport 7 847
Elisa Viihde Sport 8 848

Help for channel visibility problems 

Where can I find the pay-TV channel packages I have ordered?

You can check the channel packages you have ordered on the elisaviihde.fi website by entering the Maksukanavat (paid channels) section in the top menu. In the same section, you can also order new channel packages and change your current channel packages for new ones.

You can take a look at all Elisa Viihde channel packages and programme libraries on the website elisa.fi/viihde/sisallot (in Finnish).

I have ordered new pay-TV channels, why aren't they visible on my channel list?

Restart your set-top box by unplugging the power cord for about 10 seconds. Plug in the power cord again and wait for the set-top box to start. When the picture returns to the television, wait a couple of minutes and check the channel list again.

If needed, reset the default settings for the set-top box as follows:

Resetting the default settings can be done by selecting from the set-top box remote control MENU and then Asetukset (settings), Digiboksin tiedot (set-top box information), Asetusten palautus (reset settings), Palauta tehdasasetukset (reset default settings).

The difference in resetting the factory settings in comparison with other Elisa Viihde set-top boxes is that the reset is secured with a child safety lock PIN code that the user sets themselves when starting to use the set-top box.

If you have forgotten the child safety lock PIN code and you cannot reset the default settings from the menu, you can also do the reset by pressing the power button on the front side of the set-top box 5 times in a row.

  • If the channels are still not updated on the list, please contact our customer service

I have ordered new pay-TV channels, why is the picture black?

When you´re trying to watch from the wrong channel slot, the screen remains black, even though the channel were a part of the channel package you have subscribed. Please check the correct channel slot on this page in the channel listings.

Elisa Viihde pay-TV channel slots are found in the IPTV channel slots, which start from the channel number 500 upwards.

Basic channels are not visible?

Basic channels come from your apartment’s local antenna and cable network, so please ensure that your set-top box has been connected to the antenna box with an antenna cable. Then perform a channel search in the set-top box menu Asetukset (settings) > TV-signaali ja laatu (TV signal and quality) > Automaattinen kanavahaku (automatic channel search) (antenna/cable)).

If needed, try another antenna cable, if possible a shorter one, and perform the channel search again after connecting the new antenna cable.

If you still cannot see the channels, reset the default settings according to the instructions in section “I have ordered new pay-TV channels, why aren't they visible on my channel list?”

If certain basic channels cannot be seen at all or the channels keep cutting off, you can still record the programmes from these channels and also start watching while recording.


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