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Elisa Viihde usernames and PIN codes

All the necessary usernames and PIN codes for using the Elisa Viihde service can be found in OmaElisa. You can log in to elisaviihde.fi website (FI) and Elisa Viihde application using your Elisa Viihde username. You will need the Viihde PIN code for renting films and buying channel packages, as well as programme libraries.


1. Log in to OmaElisa. You need an Elisa ID to log in. If you do not have an Elisa ID yet, you can create one on the login page.

2. Select your Elisa Viihde service in the menu on the left side of the page:

If you are using Elisa Viihde on the set-top box, you can find the IDs in the menu called Elisa Viihde.

If you are using Elisa Viihde at elisaviihde.fi, you can find the IDs in the menu called Elisa Viihde Nettivuokraamo.

If you are using Elisa Viihde application, you can find the IDs in the menu called Elisa Viihde -sovellus or Elisa Viihde Nettivuokraamo.

3. In the view that opens next you can find your Elisa Viihde username and PIN codes. If you wish you can edit your PIN code and change the password for your Elisa Viihde username.

PIN codes for child safety locks and recording folders

PIN code for the child safety lock on the set-top box

You can set the child safety lock PIN code (4 numbers) yourself when starting to use the set-top box, and it is possible to use it to lock the channels (e.g. adult entertainment channels) of your choice so that you have to know the code for the safety lock in order to watch the channel. The set-top box will also ask for the child safety lock PIN code to watch individual programmes rated 18+.

If you have forgotten the child safety lock code you have set earlier, you can reset it by restoring the factory settings on the set-top box by pressing the digibox power button 5 times rapidly in a row.

The security codes for the recording folders are set at elisaviihde.fi website

In case you want to, you can secure recording folders of your choice in the set-top boxes with a security code consisting of 4 numbers. The security codes are set at the website elisaviihde.fi/tallenteet, and they are specific to each folder. First select the folder you wish to secure, and then select Kansion suojaus (folder security) under Toiminnot (functions) menu.

In addition to the secured recording folder itself, the recordings in secured folders can be seen on the set-top box also in the search results for the recordings and in the future and the latest recording folders. Watching or deleting any secured recordings requires entering the security code.

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