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Information about deposit

A credit check is carried out on our customers in conjunction with an order, and a deposit may be set for the order. The deposit is always subscription or device-specific.

For what reason may a deposit be required?

A deposit may be required in the following situations:

  • When the total amount of devices paid for through credit is large, and/or the devices are expensive
  • The orderer has previous overdue and/or unresolved invoices, or there has been delays in paying invoices in the payment history for Elisa and Elisa Saunalahti
  • We cannot confirm the home address of the orderer
  • The orderer has notes in the credit details (as recorded by Suomen Asiakastieto)
  • The orderer has no permanent address in the Population Register (Väestörekisterikeskus), or the time that they have spent in the country is short, meaning that payment history details cannot be clarified to a reasonable extent.

How do I know whether a deposit fee has been set for my order?

You will get a deposit fee request to your e-mail address with the heading Security deposit or as a letter. You can also see the same deposit fee request on the OmaElisa front page, in the section Latest customer letters. The deposit fee request can be found under the heading Security deposit. You can log in to OmaElisa with an Elisa ID or a mobile certificate.

Deposit fee FAQ

I got a deposit fee request and would like to cancel my order, what do I do?

We will cancel your order automatically if you do not pay the deposit. You do not have to notify us separately about the cancellation.

Is it possible to pay the deposit in instalments?

Unfortunately the deposit cannot be paid in instalments. The order is cancelled automatically if you do not pay deposit in full by the due date in the deposit fee request.

When will the deposit I paid be refunded?

Refunding of the deposit requires that the invoices of Elisa have been paid and that the grounds for the deposit have ceased to exist. Deposit can refunded followingly:

  • Devices: At the earliest after half of the total price of the device has been paid, you can order a final invoice from OmaElisa. After that the deposit can be allocated to the final invoice.
  • Other contracts: At the earliest after a year has passed. You can ask for a deposit refund from our customer service

If you want, you can use the deposit for future invoices too, meaning that the deposit isn’t refunded but it stays at Elisa and covers your invoices until the money has all been used.

How large can the deposit be?

The deposit is determined at the stage where the order is done. The amount of the deposit cannot be given beforehand, but instead it is stated by e-mail or in a letter after the order has been handled.

My OmaElisa shows “The customer has been denied the modification of usage blocks by Elisa” for my mobile subscription. What does this mean?

This may mean that the deposit for the mobile subscription in question has not been paid yet. In this case, there are usage blocks on the subscription for premium rate services. You can see more detailed information about the usage blocks set from the deposit fee request letter.


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