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Ordering and activating a new SIM card

The need for a new SIM card may arise, for example, if an old card is damaged or with the purchase of a new phone.

Order and activate a new SIM card in OmaElisa

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  • As the owner of the subscription, you can easily order a new card in OmaElisa and have it delivered directly to your home within two business days.
  • If preferred, you may also pick up a SIM card from Elisa's stores or sales points. You can also order the card by phone from our customer service.

Inserting a SIM card (Mini, Micro and Nano) into the device

The SIM card comes with three SIM card sizes in the same card slot: Mini, Micro and Nano. Check the correct card size from the manual that came with your device. The manual will also show you how to insert a SIM card into the device. Many smartphones and tablets have a removable tray for the SIM card, which you can detach with the help of a paper clip or the tool that came with the device.

Ordering a new SIM card in OmaElisa

  1. Log in to OmaElisa.
  2. Select the subscription, for which the new SIM card is needed.
  3. Select SIM card or eSIM.
  4. Click on Order a new SIM card or eSIM and select a card type.
  5. Delivery address is your address, just click on Order a new SIM card.

Once you receive the new SIM card, it needs to be activated. The fastest and easiest way to activate your SIM card is to do it in OmaElisa. Activation is also possible through our customer service. If you fetched your SIM card from our store, it has already been activated for use.

For the new SIM card we charge the applicable service charge.

In OmaElisa, you can order a new SIM card for all the subscriptions that you own. If needed, you can order a card replacement in advance, for example, if giving a new phone as a gift. If the recipient has an Elisa or Elisa Saunalahti subscription, which you do not own, you can still fetch an unactivated SIM card from Elisa's store. The gift recipient can then later activate the card in their own OmaElisa.

Activating a new SIM card in OmaElisa

  1. Log in to OmaElisa.
  2. Select the subscription from the left, for which the new SIM card is activated.
  3. Select SIM card or eSIM.
  4. Click on Activate a new SIM card.
  5. Write the 12-digit number on the SIM card in the SIM card number fields.
  6. Click on Activate and confirm payment 7 €.
  7. The new SIM card will be activated for use in approximately 10 minutes.
  8. The PIN code for the new Elisa Saunalahti SIM card is 0000.

If your SIM card activation link does not appear in OmaElisa, contact our customer service.

How to activate the MultiSIM-card/servce?

Old MultiSIM is a service in which there is an active primary card together with 1-5 extension cards on the same subscription number. The MultiSIM feature has also been utilized in the Mobile broadband Plus additional service. The MultiSIM-service is no longer offered for new subscriptions. If you are using MultiSIM and you need a new card, please contact our customer service.

Do you have new Saunalahti MultiSIM 10M? Check our instructions (FI).


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