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Device Maintenance

Maintenance for phones purchased from Elisa or Saunalahti is easily available at the maintenance firm of your choice or our shops. If another device you have purchased from Elisa needs maintenance, please primarily contact the manufacturer’s support.

My phone or tablet needs maintenance—what do I do?

  1. Take the phone or tablet you purchased from Elisa or Saunalahti that requires maintenance directly to a maintenance firm or an Elisa shop. If you take the device to our shop, it will be sent to a maintenance firm.*
  2. Average maintenance time is approximately 1­–2 weeks. 
  3. You will receive a text message when your repaired device is ready for pick-up.

Broken display? Frozen battery? We provide maintenance in less than an hour without appointment. Our maintenance work has a lifetime warranty. Contact Fonum! Fonum has almost 30 places of business.

TIP: Back up the photos, videos and contact information on your phone before taking it to maintenance, as data on the device may be wiped out as a result of maintenance actions. On Apple iPhones, make sure that the Find my iPhone feature has been switched off.

*) If you need maintenance for a television, computer, gaming console, household appliance or accessory device (e.g. headphones or a smart watch), contact the device manufacturer.


You can see the warranty of the device you purchased from Elisa in OmaElisa

  1. Sign in to OmaElisa and choose Devices from the left-hand menu. 
  2. You will find the warranty under device information under Warranty

N.B. The warranty does not include information about the device’s exact warranty period. Check the warranty period here.

For devices purchased in cash at Elisa shops, the receipt will act as a warranty. Remember to save your receipt!

Device warranty period

For phones, tablets and mobile routers, the warranty period is usually 24 months. The device manufacturer’s warranty period may also be 12 or 36 months. Read more about Elisa Takuu.

Apple: For iPhones and iPads, the warranty period is 12 months. You can read more about Apple’s device warranty here.

Huawei and Honor: The warranty period is usually 24 months. Some phone models have an extended warranty period of 36 months.

For televisions (LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, TCL), the warranty period is usually 24 months.

For accessory devices, the warranty period varies between 90 days and 24 months. If necessary, check the warranty period with the manufacturer.

Elisa Takuu 3 years warranty for phones and tablets

As of 1 May 2019, Elisa grants an extended warranty, Elisa Takuu, for new phones and tablets sold by Elisa as an additional benefit. The Elisa Takuu warranty extends the warranty period of a device until the end of the third year (36 months) in cases where the manufacturer's warranty period is shorter and has expired.

The Elisa Takuu warranty is valid when the following conditions are fulfilled:

All Elisa's consumer customers who have at least one of the following Elisa products are eligible for the Elisa Takuu warranty:

  • phone subscription (except for Prepaid subscriptions)
  • mobile broadband subscription (except for Prepaid subscriptions)
  • home broadband
  • Elisa Viihde (with Elisa Viihde set-top box)

The agreement concerning the above-mentioned product must be concluded by the latest 30 days after the purchase of a device under warranty.

I have a defect not covered by the warranty, how much will maintenance cost?

Warranty does not cover devices that have been damaged mechanically or by moisture. A wet device can never be repaired reliably.

If you know that the defect in your device falls outside the warranty before taking it to maintenance (e.g. phone damaged by moisture), you may also ask for a separate cost estimate for repairing the device and only then decide whether you want the device repaired or not. Contact our maintenance partner Fonum and ask for a cost estimate for repairing.

Contact Fonum >

I need a replacement device during maintenance, what should I do?

You may ask for a rental device for the duration of the maintenance at an Elisa shop. The rental device involves a fee. Availability varies from shop to shop.

Can someone else pick up my phone after maintenance at an Elisa shop?

You will receive a text message when your device is ready for pick-up at one of our shops. You may give another person your hard-copy maintenance referral which they can use to pick up the phone from an Elisa shop for you.

If you have been using a spare device rented from an Elisa shop, it must be returned at the time of the pick-up.

Need a new SIM card? The easiest way to order and activate a new card is through OmaElisa.

More detailed information about device maintenance

Phones and tablets

Apple: Apple device maintenance is handled by mcare. Contact mcare >

Huawei & Honor: Huawei and Honor device maintenance is handled by Digiman. Contact Digiman >

Samsung: Samsung device maintenance is handled by Midare. Contact Midare >

OnePlus: The fastest maintenance for OnePlus phones is through the OnePlus support pages. You may also take your device  for maintenance through an Elisa shop.

Lenovo tabletsContact Lenovo support and open a maintenance request directly with Lenovo.

A phone purchased from Elisa may also be taken to maintenance through an Elisa shop.

Other devices

Primarily contact the manufacturer’s own support.



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