Disruptions in your connections?

On this page we have gathered instructions for instances of service disruptions or failures. Most of the problems can be solved with the help of these instructions alone.

1) Restart your device

Many disruptions can be solved by restarting the devices (eg. modems, set top boxes, phones, etc.). Try restarting your device and if the problem persists, see our detailed troubleshooting instructions below.

2) Check the error bulletins and the disruption map

See error bulletins

See disruptions on the map

If the disruption is already known, there is no need to report it to us. We are already busy working on the problem and will do everything we can to solve it as soon as possible!

Once the problem has been solved, restart your device.

3) Try troubleshooting

Choose the most suitable option for you:

  • Try troubleshooting yourself with the instructions below
  • Save time and energy and contact the Elisa Omaguru expert (weekdays 8-21, Sat 9-17). Click here for assistance!

Tips for troubleshooting

If there are no known disruptions, log into OmaElisa to make sure that your service hasn’t been temporarily closed due to an unpaid invoice. If there are no outstanding invoices, choose the applicable troubleshooting option and follow the steps outlined below:

My phone or tablet is in need of maintenance, what should I do? Check out our device maintenance instructions here >