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Guide to using e-invoice

An e-invoice is a modern way to receive invoices electronically directly to your own online bank. In this guide, you will find a compact info package for using the e-invoice.

By starting to use e-invoicing, you never have to worry about paper invoices being overdue. You can pay the e-invoice wherever and whenever because the e-invoice is always with you via your online bank. Your online bank is also the place where you take e-invoicing into use.

Benefits of the e-invoice

  • The invoices arrive directly to your online bank without having to enter the information for the invoices by hand. The payment of the invoice requires only clicking on a few buttons.
  • The invoice details, such as the account number and reference number of the payment recipient, are always entered automatically, and therefore there is no possibility of typing errors.
  • You can make your e-voice payment method the most suitable for you, according to the choices offered by your own bank (e.g. approve each new invoice separately, request a reminder in your e-mail about their reception, or set them to be charged from your account automatically on the due date).
  • The invoices are automatically archived in your online bank and they can always be found in the same place, if you wish to return later to check something.
  • The e-invoice does not cause you any additional invoice delivery costs.
  • By starting to use the e-invoice, you won’t have to carry paper invoices to recycling and the environment will be grateful for your choice as well.
  • The e-invoice is a safe invoicing method: by choosing e-invoicing, you can avoid becoming a victim of an e-mail invoicing scam.

E-invoice payment methods

Banks usually offer the following three options as e-invoicing payment methods, and you can select the payment method most suitable for you. Please note that there may be differences between banks in the payment methods provided.
  1. You can always verify the payment separately (with your banking key numbers, as with paper invoices).
  2. The payment can be automatically charged on your account (comparable to the former direct debit invoicing method).
  3. The payment can be charged on your account automatically up to a euro limit that you have defined yourself (you can examine the invoice before payment if the sum is bigger than usual).

Starting to use e-invoices

You can start using the e-invoice via your own online bank, by making an e-invoicing contract with each invoicing party from whom you wish to receive e-invoices.

Many banks offer making an e-invoicing contract as an automatic service when you are paying your invoice. In this case, simply follow the instructions in your online bank. If you do not receive such a notification, you can make an e-invoicing contract separately as follows:

  1. When you log into your online bank, look for “E-invoice”, “E-invoicing contracts” or “Create e-invoicing contract” in the menu, and then click on it.
  2. Search with the name of the invoicing party. Elisa’s invoices can be found with the name ELISA OYJ.
  3. Fill in the details your bank requests for the payment of the invoice (invoice ID number in Elisa’s invoice is the reference number) and approve the contract.
  4. Now you will receive the invoices for the invoicing party you have selected directly to your online bank.

If you have more than one customer number with Elisa, remember to create an e-invoicing contract separately for each customer relationship, if the intention is to receive all of Elisa’s invoices as e-invoices in the future. Different customer numbers have different reference numbers, so you should always use the invoice reference number for the customer number for which you are making the e-invoicing contract.

More detailed instructions for starting to use e-invoicing can be found on your own bank's website.

Using e-invoices

Notifications of new invoices

Many banks offer a separate notification service for e-invoices, through which you will receive a notification (text message and/or e-mail) about new invoices coming to your online bank. The notification service is usually a paid service.

Usually online banks inform you visibly on the home page after logging in about new e-invoices. By clicking on the notification, you can access your new e-invoices.

A copy of the e-invoice is always included

The e-invoice also includes an electronic copy of the actual invoice where you can check the invoice details and specifications before verification of the payment. The link to the invoice content varies depending on the bank, but you can usually find it with the e-invoice payment details by clicking on the name of the invoicing party or with the name “Invoice”, “View invoice” or “Show invoice”.


I have made an e-invoicing contract with Elisa, but my invoices still do not arrive as e-invoices?

Make sure in your online bank that the e-invoicing contract you have made can be found in your e-invoicing contracts. If the e-invoicing contract can be found as normal, click on the contract and check that the correct reference number can be found in the contract details.

Note! The reference number must be exactly the same reference number as in your previous invoice. Check this if needed. If there is even one incorrect number in your reference number, the e-invoicing contract you have made cannot be directed to the correct invoice and your invoice does not arrive as an e-invoice.

Many online banks check the reference numbers in connection with verification of the payment, but the automatic check cannot detect all typing errors. Therefore, it is possible that the e-invoicing contract has been approved even if it was made with the wrong reference number.

Please also remember that the e-invoice at Elisa is specific to a customer number. Each of Elisa’s customer numbers have their own reference numbers. In other words, in order to receive all of Elisa’s invoices as e-invoices, you must make a separate e-invoicing contract for each Elisa customer number / reference number.

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