Information regarding Elisa's invoices

On this page we have gathered together all you need to know about Elisa's invoices.

Find your invoices in OmaElisa

  1. Log in to OmaElisa.
  2. Select Invoices.
  3. On the page that opens up, you can find all your paid and unpaid invoices.

Paying my invoices

As the owner of a subscription, service or device, you can always find your Elisa invoices in OmaElisa. When you pay your invoice via OmaElisa, your payment will show in our system immediately, without any delay!

What options do I have to receive and pay invoices?

We have gathered brief descriptions of different options to receive and pay your Elisa invoices. Regardless of your invoice delivery type, your invoices are always available in OmaElisa. 

Invoice delivery method can be changed free of charge in OmaElisa:

  1. Log in to OmaElisa.
  2. Choose Invoices > Invoice delivery method.
  3. Find the right customer number and press Edit.  
  4. Choose the delivery type you want and click Save.

The new invoice delivery type will take effect for the following month's invoice at the latest.

Guide to using e-invoice

An e-invoice is a modern way to receive invoices electronically directly to your own online bank. In this guide, you will find a compact info package for using the e-invoice. You can pay the e-invoice wherever and whenever because the e-invoice is always with you via your online bank. Your online bank is also the place where you take e-invoicing into use.

Make a payment plan and pay your invoice later

If you cannot pay your invoice by the due date, you can apply for more payment time.

Why is the total amount of my invoice different than usual?

If the total amount of your invoice is not what you’re used to, the reason can probably be here below. If you can’t find an answer in our examples, contact us and we’ll sort things out together!