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Why is the total amount of my invoice different than usual?

If the total amount of your invoice is not what you’re used to, the reason can probably be found on this page. If you can’t find an answer in our examples, contact us and we’ll sort things out together!

You can always find your itemized invoice in OmaElisa - regardless of your chosen invoice delivery method! The itemization shows you more detailed information about every charge on your invoice, as well as their exact dates.

Did you receive the first invoice of a new subscription?

  • Subscription fees are billed on a day-by-day basis, so the first invoice for a new subscription will often include charges from the first partial month as well as the next full month.
  • After the first invoice, monthly fees will be billed normally once per month.
  • The invoice itemization always shows the exact dates covered by the invoice. You can check the itemization in PDF format in OmaElisa, under the Invoices section.

Has your subscription been recently updated – e.g. change of subscription type or speed?

  • When you order changes to your subscription (e.g. a change of subscription type or speed), billing for your old subscription ends on the date the changes take effect.
  • Billing for your new subscription begins on the day after the changes.
  • If you have already been charged the monthly fee for the current month according to your old subscription type, your next invoice will a reimbursement.
  • The invoice itemization always shows the exact dates covered by the invoice. You can check the itemization in PDF format in OmaElisa, under the Invoices section.

Does your invoice include charges for service numbers or messages or online purchases?

Calls to various service or business numbers, participating in a televote or campaign collection by phone, or ordering services though apps or text messages may sometimes increase your invoice in surprising ways. Calls or text messages to numbers with special charges are not included in the speech or text message packages of package subscriptions. In subscriptions with per-minute charges, these expenses are also always added on top of other calls and messages. 

Premium rate numbers are, for example, all the following:

  • Service numbers beginning with 0600- and 0700-
  • Business numbers beginning with 010- and 020-
  • Inquiry numbers such as 118 and 020202
  • SMS service numbers beginning with 16- and 17-

Have you used your phone abroad recently?

If you’ve been travelling abroad, your invoice is more likely to be higher than usual. Making calls, sending text messages or using data abroad are all billed accoring to roaming prices. Roaming prices are usually always higher than standard rates in Finland. 

You can take a closer look at roaming prices here (in Finnish).

Has the payment of your invoice been delayed? Is there a payment request fee listed on your invoice?

If the payment of an invoice is delayed and we have sent you a payment request, a payment request fee will be included on your next invoice.

  • The payment request fee is not charged on the remainder itself, but will always be included on your next regular invoice. 
  • You can check your open and paid invoices in OmaElisa. On the Paid invoices tab, you can see both the payment date of the invoice and the original due date. If the difference between them is 14 days or more, you will be charged a payment request fee.
  • If your invoice is already paid, you can ignore the payment request invoice. The payment request fee will still be charged on your next invoice, because we received your payment late.

Did you receive an invoice for a subscription that has already been cancelled?

  • Our subscriptions have terms of notice that have been defined in the terms of contract, so the use and billing of a subscription may end no sooner than at the end of the term of notice.
  • Monthly fees for subscriptions are often billed in advance and use-based fees are billed afterwards.
  • Therefore, when you cancel your subscription, the last use-based fees will be billed on a final invoice, which you will usually receive only after the cancellation has taken effect.

An example: You cancel your subscription on September 16. The term of notice is 14 days, so your cancellation will take effect on September 30. At the beginning of September, you have received an invoice including monthly fees up to the end of September. In October, you will receive one more invoice including charges not included in the monthly fee, such as use-based calling fees or calls not included in a package-type subscription.


Is your subscription used so infrequently that you do not receive an invoice every month?

  • Our invoices have a minimum charge limit of 5 EUR per month.
  • If the charges for the subscription’s billing period (usage and monthly fees) fall below this minimum, we will not send you an invoice.
  • Whenever the minimum charge of 8 EUR is not exceeded, all charges will be transferred on to the regular periodic invoice of the following month.


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