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Make a payment plan and pay your invoice later

If you cannot pay your invoice by the due date, you can apply for more payment time.



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More time to pay via OmaElisa

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  • With a payment plan, you can get as much as 60 days more payment time for your invoice from the original due date.
  • Applying for more time to pay is always specific to a certain customer number. Confimation of the payment plan is sent to you in email or in paper, depending on your invoice delivery method.
  • You will be charged a service fee in accordance with the price list for making the payment plan.
  • If you pay the invoice within 10 days of the original due date, you do not need to make a payment plan.


More detailed instructions for making a payment plan in OmaElisa

  1. Sign into OmaElisa
  2. Click Invoices on the left side of the page.
  3. Click Get extended payment time.
  4. Choose the new desired due date from the calendar and click Confirm.
  5. Confimation of the payment plan is sent to you in email or in paper, depending on your invoice delivery method.

Changes to the payment plan can be done by contacting our customer service.

What happens if an invoice is not paid?

If an invoice remains unpaid and you have not made a payment plan, we will send a payment reminder within two weeks of the due date as a paper invoice. A service fee in accordance with the price list will be charged for the payment reminder, and interest for the late payment will also be charged. An overdue invoice should be paid immediately. Please note that the payment reminder fee and interest for late payment will be charged in connection with your next monthly invoice.

The service can also be temporarily closed due to an unpaid invoice, in accordance with General Contractual Terms and Conditions. If the payment is further delayed, the unpaid invoice can be transferred to a collection agency to collect.

Transferring the invoice to a collection agency usually causes additional expenses. If the invoice is yet further delayed, the service contract may be terminated or cancelled altogether.

Service-specific terms for applying for a payment plan

These service-specific terms are applied to extending the time for payment in OmaElisa.

  1. With this service, the customer may make a payment plan in OmaElisa according to the terms. The payment contract is binding and it becomes valid as the customer approves the new due date of the payment plan. We charge an interest for late payment on the invoice as usual also for the duration of the payment plan, and a service fee in accordance with the price list applies to creating the payment plan.
  2. The invoicing party has the right to approve or reject the customer’s payment plan according to their discretion. At most 31 days of additional payment time can be granted, starting from the due date of the oldest invoice.
  3. The invoice must be paid on the last payment day agreed upon at the latest. If the payment is neglected, the payment date for the invoice shall go back to the original due date and the services for the customer may be closed, and other measures can be taken in accordance with the General Delivery Terms and Conditions.
  4. Elisa has the right to change these terms and to restrict the use of the service or stop providing the service.

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