Elisa x Junction: Beginner’s Guide to Hackathons

Elisa loves hackathon communities and their creativity in problem-solving. This year Elisa is one of the partners hackathon event Junction with a sustainability challenge “Connectivity to Eco Mode”.

By Ari Kaukiainen Photos Elisa

A hackathon is usually from 1–2 days to a weekend-long event, where participants work together in teams to find a solution for a problem stated by hackathon partners. Stated challenges can concern solving a business or a societal problem, for example. Solutions are then pitched to a team of judges at the end of the weekend, and the best teams are rewarded with awesome prizes.

Elisa loves hackathon communities and their creativity in problem-solving. This year Elisa is one of the hackathon partners at Junction with a sustainability challenge Connectivity to Eco Mode. This article offers some tips for first-time participants and encourages anyone interested in tech and sustainability to join Junction and Eco Mode challenge.

Why join Junction and Elisa Eco Mode challenge?

Junction is a golden opportunity to show hackathon partners what kind of person you are and what you are capable of. You might also end up creating a valuable project or solution with your team worth pursuing which sparks the interest of future employers or even investors! This year Junction is held as a hybrid event. The hackathon is organized online on Gather platform, but you can participate in Junction in any of the Junction Hubs. The main Junction Hub is at Aalto University in Finland.

Read more about the impact and relevance of Elisa’s challenge from Junction 2021 official website: Challenges | Junction 2021

Junction hackathon

Who should apply?

Many think that hackathons are scary because they aren’t technically skilled enough to participate. Yes – At Junction you are expected to be a techie of some sort: a software developer, a designer, or a business person who is enthusiastic about technologies. Still, your skills and motivation are the most important things that matter. The organizing team at Junction values various skill sets and backgrounds since diverse teams usually succeed by incorporating multiple ways of approaching the challenge. Many hackathons are a test of creativity, practicality and out-of-the-box thinking rather than of skill and experience.

The Eco Mode Challenge deals with sustainability and data, so it would be great to have participants with knowledge of sustainability, electricity, data visualization or energy engineering, but don’t forget that general problem-solving skills, creativity and solution-oriented mindset goes a long way! You can visit Elisa Sustainability page to learn more about corporate sustainability at Elisa that can help you out with the challenge!

Interested in joining? Follow these simple steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with Elisa’s challenge from here Connectivity to Eco Mode and visit Elisa Sustainability.
  • Sign up to Junction before November 7th. Note that to participate in Junction on-premise at some of the Junction Hubs, you’ll have to apply by October 31st.
  • Get front runner advantage and participate in Elisa’s Connectivity to Eco Mode Pre-Event on November 4th streamed online from Elisa Kulma.
  • Join Junction weekend from November 19th to 21st either online or in Aalto University Hub!

Here are five tips from Elisa’s hackathon team to help you excel in Junction 2021:

1. Trust yourself and get creative

You might have collected useful skills from your education, work, or even hobbies. In hackathons, you are expected to bring all of your skills and ideas to the table. Choosing the challenge you feel the most inspired by can boost your creativity!

2. Ask for help and feedback

Hackathon organizers and partners both provide experts who can give you valuable feedback on your unfinished work. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback during every phase of the hackathon, especially if you feel stuck. Cultivating a supportive team spirit will help you co-create ýour solution massively!

 3. Keep it simple

Don’t sweat if you can’t solve every aspect of the problem posed in the challenge. The weekend is not usually enough time for that. Instead, make sure that your proposed solutions are sensible and practical.

4. Practice your presentation

Make sure that you have a compelling presentation of your solution on the day of finals and take time before the finals to rehearse presenting. A good presentation is a key to winning the favor of the hackathon judges!

5. Take breaks and choose healthy food

You can easily lose yourself in the moment when you are focused on the challenge. Taking some periodic creative breaks to refresh your mind is recommended. Choosing healthy food and getting a good night’s sleep between hackathon days will keep your energy up until the end.

We hope to see you on the Junction 2021 weekend from November 19th to 21st!

Participants of Junction hackathon