Help with problems regarding Elisa Viihde - Elisa ja Saunalahti asiakaspalvelu

Help with problems regarding Elisa Viihde

On this page, you will find help for situations where using Elisa Viihde does not go as planned. Select the problem on the list below and check the repair measures advised in the instructions.

Remember that restarting the devices helps in most situations!

Usernames, PIN codes and logging in

For problems related to being able to use the service and to log in, see instructions for Elisa Viihde usernames and PIN codes.

Elisa Viihde movie rentals (

Instructions and tips for using the Elisa Viihde online movie rental service can be found here (in Finnish).

Set-top box and remote control

Channels are not visible

Make sure with the help of Elisa Viihde channels instructions that you are trying to watch the channel from the correct channel slot. The same instuctions also help you further with problems related to channel visibility.

Also make sure that your TV is using the correct input source for the set-top box. The source can usually be changed using the Source, Input or “arrow in screen” buttons on the TV remote.

More detailed instructions for selecting the input source can be found in the user manual of your own TV.

TV picture cuts off

Restart the modem and set-top box by disconnecting the power cable from the device for approx. 10 seconds. Then plug in the cables again and restart the devices.

Make sure that your computer or other devices using the same internet connection are not performing any major downloads or updates, as otherwise the set-top box may not have enough bandwidth to transmit IPTV image. Normal internet surfing on the computer does not affect the use of Elisa Viihde.

If the image cuts off occasionally, this may also be due to occasional increase of traffic in the network. Check the service again in a moment. If the service cuts off regularly and often, check these instructions for further assistance.

The set-top box jams

Make sure that the set-top box is placed in a well-ventilated area. Also make sure that all cables are plugged in and if needed, restart both devices (first modem, then set-top box) by unplugging the power cord for about ten seconds. Then plug in the cables again and restart the devices.

If this does not help, reset the set-top box default settings. You can find more detailed information about this in the instructions for restarting and restoring factory settings for Elisa Viihde devices (in Finnish).

The set-top box started an update, but the update does not progress. What should I do?

If there are problems with the update of the set-top box software version, please follow these instructions (in Finnish).

If this does not help, contact our customer service.

Remote control is not working

If the remote control does not work, make sure that the remote control batteries are OK. Test with new batteries if needed.

If the remote control still does not work, or it has been broken while using it (dropped on the floor, dog has eaten it, etc.), you can order a new remote control for Netgem N7700/N7800 set-top boxes with a one-time payment in our webshop. If you cannot find the remote control model that you need in the shop, please contact customer service.

Recording and watching recorded programmes

I am not able to watch recordings on the website?

For watching recordings, we recommend using Internet Explorer 10/11, Chrome or Opera browsers, as Firefox and Safari require Silverlight installation for the time being. You can find more detailed information here (in Finnish).

From which channels can I record programmes?

You can record basic channels. A listing of free channels and basic channels can be found here (in Finnish).

  • Nelonen HD channel cannot be recorded, as the channel can only be seen in the cable network, and it is only possible to offer online recording for such channels that are visible for all customers of Elisa Viihde service.
  • Paid channels cannot be recorded.
  • Extra channels cannot be recorded.
  • SVT programmes cannot be seen nationwide due to YLE’s copyright agreement. Due to this limitation, SVT’s programme information is not shown in the Elisa Viihde programme guide and the SVT programmes cannot be recorded (e.g. Melodifestivalen).

Internet, modem and wireless connection (WLAN/WiFi)

Netgem N7700/N7800 set-top box: Starting to use WLAN

You can start using the wireless network with the Netgem set-top box either directly in connection with the installation or separately after the installation. More information and instructions on the topic can be found here (in Finnish).

Internet connection is not working

For internet connection related problems please see our Disruptions in your connections? -instructions.

WLAN between the modem and computer cuts off or does not work well

For WLAN related issues please see our instructions for WLAN usage and problems (in Finnish).

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