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Template / general guidelines for structuring the instruction sheet and the structure of the (draft, Groner):

Write the title of the page as quickly as possible and descriptively (max. 2 lines)

Each procedure should be short (up to 3-4 bar / max. 2-3 sentences) caption, explaining briefly what help is available and what help is there for. Use the caption of whole sentences, ie the end of the point.

Tell Ingres followed in the future in the body text manual key issue brief from the outset. Immediately after Ingres calls should not be put on the lifting boxes  (info, information, error, Omaguru, OmaElisa, OmaSaunalahti, etc.), but deserves to be raised to issue instructions at the beginning of a regular typeface, and, where appropriate, bolding  the key issues . Use a meat forces with caution, however, as over-lihavoiminen makes the text confusing to read.

The body text of the song after you raise the tip lift the box, if the masses of vinkattava thing is essential to know and vinkattava matter is such that the reader is essential to know about it at this stage instructions.

Avoid telling the key issues lifting the box, the ads and banners to get trained eye to skip these boxes bannerimaiset advertisement and something important is thus to help read.

Use sub-titles

Use the space at the title of "Heading 2 (h3)" style. A good interim title is as short as possible and to the point.

If the instruction is a need to divide the subject matter topics, with good content to share their own väliotsikoidensa below. In this case, manual silmäiltävyys and legibility is maintained.

Avoid the use of short paragraphs and let the new thing always in his new songs. 

Use caution in opening up the content areas

Opening to content areas behind should "hide" only those things that are not essential for the majority of readers. Such issues include, for example, "this unit takes into account the regulations, X"-style exceptions. use the content areas and overlook the songs as short as possible and as closely as possible the text.


Help the length of

The shorter and more concise instructions are, the better.

If a material is, however, a lot of things, help can be quite long as long as the content is clearly structured. If the reader have to do things in a certain order, you can use the headlines in the mid-term numbers. A good example of such instructions, for example,  E-mail settings on mobile phone help.


Menu Paths

When you instruct the client to move forward in the menus, use the menu path at the following styles:

Main Menu > Menu > Submenu

Only embolden the menu names. Do not embolden the menu path vaiheistusnuolia (>), and do not the name of the menu the focusing words such as "Tab"-word. For example, the "Settings tab" guidance bold like this:  Settings tab

In this case, bold only to highlight a menu name that the client will have to find.


Other things to consider

Keep in mind that you write instructions to the customer at all times. Remember to keep the tone friendly instructions and relevant. Try to avoid abbreviations and technical terms, such as "parameter" or "protocol", but rather reflect their thing instead of general words such as "regulation", even though the common word is not the technically absolutely correct counterpart. The main thing is that the reader is advised to understand the reading and interrupted a strange word, the meaning of which the reader does not understand.

Intermediate sub-title

If the intermediate title in the sections below is a need to analyze the matter further their own otsikkoidensa below, use these headlines, "Title 3 (h4)" style.

The sub-title Need for

Use a subtitle only if the readability of the song requires it. Such cases are different instructions several different device or program.


When the user is ready to

When you get pre-written instructions, the next step before the publication of the manual is a spell-checker .

Stand in the customer's position and proofread the text you typed thought through. Rate This text readability, clarity, and grammar outline and enhance the whole .

Improvements do not have to be big at all, but an essential change in the required sentence structure or changing songs rational order can help to improve the overall significantly.

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