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S Group's Bonus

S Group's Bonus can be accrued from various Elisa Saunalahti mobile phone and mobile broadband subscriptions, as well as from many Elisa Saunalahti fixed broadband subscriptions.


Activate S Group's Bonus in OmaElisa

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How to activate Bonus in OmaElisa?

  • Go to OmaElisa to activate Bonus (My Information > S Group's Bonus). If you have forgotten the Elisa ID used to log in, or you do not yet have an Elisa ID, start the log in by authenticating yourself first.
  • If you change your subscription type to a subscription that accrues Bonus, you can activate Bonus after of the change.
  • Bonus will only begin to accrue after the activation is complete.
  • The Bonus must also be activated for new subscriptions after contracts are opened.

Frequently asked questions about S Group's Bonus

Elisa Saunalahti subscriptions that accumulate S Group's Bonus

You can receive Bonus for Elisa’s 5G subscriptions as well as for broadband subscriptions Elisa Netti kotiin L, XL and XXL.

You can always check from OmaElisa if it is possible to activate Bonus accrual for your subscription.

Bonus is accrued when the invoice is paid in full by the due date.

Bonus accrues, for example, from monthly fees of subscriptions, normal price domestic phone calls to mobile and landline subscriptions, text messages, multimedia messages, and regularly-priced domestic data use (not data packages).

If any discounts are applied to the invoice, Bonus will be given for the discounted price.

Special terms and conditions for subcriptions accruing Bonus with S-Etukortti

Customer information and data protection

As a customer of Elisa and as part of Elisa’s terms of service, you accept the processing of your personal data within the scope that is required for cooperation and give your consent to the disclosure of your personal data by Elisa to SOK for the verification of your membership/transaction number, as well as the disclosure of the euro amount of the subscription payments that accrue Bonus to SOK to be recorded as a Bonus purchase in the S Group co-op member and customer register. Respectively, you authorise SOK to disclose to Elisa information about changes in your membership/transaction number, as well as to inform Elisa in case you are no longer a member of a cooperative economy, thus no longer being authorised to accrue Bonus for the subscriptions that entitle the member to Bonus.

You are responsible for the validity of the information that you provided. Elisa is not obligated to retroactively compensate for Bonus that was not received due to erroneous or missing information.

What does not accumulate S Group's Bonus?

The following services of mobile phone subscriptions do not accrue Bonus:

  • calls to service numbers (for example, premium rate service numbers starting with 0700 and 0600, business service numbers starting with 010 or 020, and directory services like 118)
  • mobile content services (additional information in Finnish)
  • calls and video calls made abroad
  • text messages and multimedia messages sent abroad  
  • the use of mobile data abroad

Bonus is also not accrued from, for example, monthly payments for devices, certain fixed broadband speeds, the Elisa Viihde service, or mobile subscriptions sold through certain campaigns.

Where can I see the accrued Bonus and when will it appear in my S Group's Bonus statement?

The accrued S Group Bonus can be seen in your S Group Bonus statement with a delay of 1­­–2 months.

You can monitor the development of the Bonus percentage and the accrual of Bonus daily.
Check the status of your Bonus through S Group’s electronic channels >

If you have paid the invoice for your subscription towards the end of the month, but still by the due date, then the Bonus has not been applied to that month’s balance. Instead will be added to the Bonus statement of the following month.

Why have I not received Bonus?

Prerequisites for accruing Bonus:

  • The invoice must be paid in full by the due date. If the invoice is paid even a day late, no Bonus will accrue.
  • Bonus will begin to accrue in the following invoicing cycle after a successful registrationand activation.
  • It is not possible to receive Bonus retroactively.


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